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Sound Mind: Restoration After Infidelity.

January 16, 2018. KCIS Radio Seattle. ¬†Without a doubt one of the most devastating things that can happen to a marriage is infidelity. “Marital affairs don’t happen in a vacuum,” we’ve all heard said. And in fact, it could be argued that an affair is predictable in a this or that marriage, given family or origin history and particular personality traits of the married couple. There is never an excuse for infidelity, and recovery after infidelity is hard work. However, if there has been infidelity it is often possible not only to restore, but improve the marriage. In this broadcast Daniel talks about the process of healing and essential prerequisites that assure the best chance of a good outcome.


Posted on 01/18/2018 by Daniel Pryor

Daniel Pryor MA, Counselor & Life Coach