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Sound Mind: A Systemic Look At Marriage Improvement

July 24, 2018 KCIS Radio, Seattle.  A common barrier to marriage improvement is the false notion on the part of the woman or the man, or both, that relational problems and their solutions lie with the other person; that the future success of the marriage relies wholly upon that other person changing; and that the needed change on one person’s part has no correlate behavior on the part of the other person. In other words, The wife thinks the husband’s bad behavior has nothing to do with her behavior, and conversely, the husband believes the wife’s bad behavior has nothing to do with his behavior. In this broadcast, Daniel talks about a “Systemic” view of interdependent behaviors, and how that both husband and wife must change together.

Posted on 07/26/2018 by Daniel Pryor

Daniel Pryor MA, Counselor & Life Coach