Relationship is our destination, not a chore along the way to our destination.

Sound Mind: The Rise In Teen Suicide

January 28, 2020  KCIS Radio, Seattle  The Epoch Times (Mind & Body) recently printed an article “What’s Behind The Dramatic […more…]

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Sound Mind: More on Addiction and Recovery

January 21, 2020 KCIS Radio, Seattle.  Addiction and recovery involve the body, mind and spirit. In this broadcast Daniel talks […more…]

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Sound Mind: Building Trust in Marriage

January 14, 2020 KCIS Radio, Seattle. The topic of the broadcast has been covered a number of times, but certainly […more…]

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Sound Mind: Tips For More Integrated Living

December 27, 2019 KCIS Radio Seattle.  You may have heard the term ‘dualism’ and associated it either with certain heresies […more…]

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Sound Mind: Giving Thanks is Healthy For Mind and Body

November 26, 2019  KCIS Radio, Seattle.  For this Thanksgiving season broadcast, Daniel presents some uplifting insights about how a thankful […more…]

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Sound Mind: Motivating a Passive Spouse

November 5, 2019 KCIS Radio Seattle. Motivating others requires at least a basic working strategy. It also requires much patience, […more…]

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Sound Mind: What Is Covert Narcissism, Really?

October 29, 2019 KCIS Radio Seattle. Lately there has been much ado over a new strain of  personality disorders referred […more…]

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Sound Mind: Major Depression – Does Christ Have An Answer?

October 1, 2019  KCIS Radio, Seattle. Jesus said, “These things I have spoken unto you that you might have peace. […more…]

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Sound Mind: Truth About “Gender Identity” – Part 3

September 24, 2019. KCIS Radio, Seattle.  This is the third installment of the series on “gender identity,” and “gender dysphoria.” […more…]

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Sound Mind: Truth About “Gender Identity”- Part 2

September 17, 2019 KCIS Radio Seattle.  This current mini series is to help parents and young people understand the truth […more…]

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