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Sound Mind: Part 1: Suicide on the Increase

July 3, 2018 KCIS Radio, Seattle.  Daniel talks about the increase of suicide discussing trends, indicators, causes and avoidance.  

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Sound Mind: Bible-Based or Biblical?

June 5, 2018 KCIS Radio, Seattle.  There is apparently some confusion over the terms Bible-based counseling, biblical counseling and Christian […more…]

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Sound Mind: Encouragement For Parents Of Wayward Youth

May 29, 2018. KCIS Radio, Seattle. The vast majority of parents, sooner or later, find themselves faced with the deep […more…]

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Sound Mind: The Relevance And Role Of Gender In Biblical Marriage.

May 22, 2018. KCIS Radio, Seattle.  There is a move in some liberal churches to expunge references to gender from […more…]

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Sound Mind: Restoring Hope

May 14, 2018. KCIS Radio, Seattle.  We, and our children, are living in a secular society that is witnessing a […more…]

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Sound Mind: Fundamental Pre-Marriage Considerations

May 3, 2018 KCIS Radio Seattle.  Looking to get married soon, or just curious about what it takes to be […more…]

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Sound Mind: Emotional Rootball

April 24,2018 KCIS Radio Seattle.  This program was repeated from November 1, 2016.  The “emotional rootball” – anger, anxiety, depression, […more…]

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Sound Mind: About The Bible-Based Counselor

April 14,2018 KCIS Radio Seattle.  If you want to know more about Daniel’s practice and approach, this broadcast will answer […more…]

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Sound Mind: Difficulties of Marriage Counseling, and What Helps

April 3, 2018, KCIS Radio Seattle.  There are a number of things that can make marriage counseling extremely difficult, and […more…]

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Sound Mind: Input/Output: Are We Losing Our Children?

March 27, 2018. KCIS Radio Seattle.  In this broadcast Daniel warns that we are raising a detached generation; losing our […more…]

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