Relationship is our destination, not a chore along the way to our destination.

Sound Mind: Taking Every Thought Captive

April 11, 2017. KCIS Radio Seattle. The principle of taking thoughts captive, is central to the New Testament, Pauline exhortation, […more…]

Posted on 04/12/2017 by Daniel Pryor

Sound Mind: Challenges of Today’s Young People

March 28, 2016. KCIS Radio Seattle.  The youth today face a number of challenges stemming from a worldview that denies […more…]

Posted on 04/03/2017 by Daniel Pryor

Sound Mind: On the Epidemic of Anxiety Depression

March 14, 2017 KCIS Radio, Seattle.  Anxiety and depression are by far the most diagnosed and treated disorders in the mental […more…]

Posted on 03/15/2017 by Daniel Pryor

Sound Mind: Preparing For Marriage

March 7, 2017. KCIS Radio Seattle.  Marriage is the most fundamental institution God has entrusted to man.  Marriage, as the […more…]

Posted on 03/09/2017 by Daniel Pryor

Sound Mind: When It’s All About “Me.”

February 28, 2017. KCIS Seattle Radio.  Depression, anxiety are probably diagnosed more than any other mental condition, are the cause […more…]

Posted on 03/06/2017 by Daniel Pryor

Sound Mind: Healthy Vocational Retirement

February 21, 2017 KCIS Radio Seattle.  If you are retired, retiring, or thinking about retiring, you should have a workable […more…]

Posted on 02/25/2017 by Daniel Pryor

Sound Mind: Valentine’s Day: “Do you love me?”

February 14, 2017 KCIS Radio Seattle.  If a man doesn’t know what women mean when they use the word “love,” […more…]

Posted on 02/15/2017 by Juliet

Sound Mind: Sexual Addiction as a Form of Anger

February 7, 2017. KCIS Radio Seattle.  Anger and addictions have a strong commonality: they are both responses to fear and […more…]

Posted on 02/08/2017 by Daniel Pryor

Sound Mind: Faces of Anger

January 31, 2017. KCIS Radio, Seattle.   In order to become the master of your anger you have to understand […more…]

Posted on 02/01/2017 by Daniel Pryor

Sound Mind: Getting Free From Your Past

January 10, 2017. KCIS Radio Seattle.  In this broadcast Daniel talks about getting free from your past. The “past”, as […more…]

Posted on 01/18/2017 by Daniel Pryor

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