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Sound Mind: What is Bi-Polar Disorder?

January 23, 2018. KCIS Radio, Seattle.  Manic depressive disorder used to refer to a crippling mental disorder that required hospitalization. It was rare and generally found in some schizophrenic patients. Today the diagnostic criteria  have been greatly broadened to include anyone with a mood change. There is a problem: As Psychiatrist Peter Breggin says, “This labeling does far more than imposing a pseudo-medical diagnosis on you, it defines you as a person. “I’m bipolar.” Not “I’m full of life” or “I have trouble managing all these marvelous passions” or “I need to find a way to direct my creative energies” or “I’ll have to find the courage and make the effort to make my dreams come true in the real world.” No, never mind about all of that, “I’m bipolar.” Your diagnosis becomes your personal final solution to your most vital challenges in life.”

In this broadcast Daniel talks about some to the history or the diagnosis, whether or not it is really abnormal, and the best way to treat it.


Posted on 01/26/2018 by Daniel Pryor

Daniel Pryor MA, Counselor & Life Coach